What we have raised money for...

We live in a world where we’re constantly being asked to donate money to charities, or pay for activities or events. We understand that knowing exactly where your donations go when your child participates in a Friends activity, is important to you. It’s important to us too.

One of the questions we’re regularly asked is ‘What have the Friends done?’ – and it’s a fair question.
We thought that a little list of some of the things we have raised money for previously, might give you an idea of the impact YOUR donations have on the school life of our children.

  • Raised money to purchase the Scooter pods, so the children will have a secure place to park.
  • Raised money for vital school library equipment
  • Raised money for the new staging used for the Christmas and end of year performances so that the children would have a safe place to show you their amazing talent.

  • Raised money to provide our children with a wonderful Leavers gift as they move on from Chipping Hill and into secondary school life.
  • Raised money for sports equipment to support the students in their fitness journey.

  • Donated cameras to the classes.
  • Raised money for the outside pond area.

You did this.
Your donations made it all possible.
Without you, we cannot do what we do.

What we're raising money for now...

Right now, we are raising money so that the school can improve the KS1 playground, making it larger, safer and more engaging for all of the children. It probably goes without saying that this is not a small, or cheap undertaking, so we’re doing everything we can to make sure that the school has the money it needs.

We know that we have some amazing civic minded parents/carers at our school, so if you’re looking for ways to help the school reach its fundraising goals there are lots of ways to help:


  • Participate in the Friends fundraising events at the school. It might not seem like a lot at the time, but every penny really does count in the fundraising world. 
  • Fund matching from employers. Did you know that you can host a friends and family fundraiser or man one of our stalls at an event and then ask your employer to match your donation? Sometimes they even say YES!
  • Donate your time for events – without parents/carers being generous with their time, the Friends would simply cease to exist. Every member of the Friends is a parent/carer at the school, giving their time so all of our kids can have an amazing school experience.


  • Skills donation: so many of our wonderful parents work full time and can’t make it to events (we miss you!) so if you’re time poor but feel you have a skill that might be handy in our fundraising efforts – don’t be shy! We love to hear from talented people who want to share!
  • Product donation: when we list fundraising endeavors, if you have products or services that you think might be useful that you’d be willing to donate to help the school reach its goal…let us know. If we can make it work for the school and your business, we will happily pop you on the sponsor page of our website!

Not sure if an idea you have will work?
Have an idea for a fundraiser and want to share it?
We would love to hear from you!

Feel free to email us or come along to a Friends meeting and share your idea.
The tea and coffee is on us!

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