Our Sponsors

The Friends of Chipping Hill School are thrilled to acknowledge the support of the following companies.

The fabulous team at 34SP.com are our charity web hosting heroes. 
If you are a charity and are looking for hosting packages, please check
them out www.34sp.com

We highly recommend them for their fantastic customer service and willingness to support charities across the UK.

Typopod offers effective and efficient graphic design and editorial solutions to businesses and are proud to support the work of the ‘Friends of Chipping Hill School’.

Olivers Nurseries are our local plant heroes. We cannot thank them enough for rescuing our recent ‘ A Gift for Someone Special’ event when the mini daffodils we originally ordered were wiped out in the snowstorms.

If you would like to donate products or services to the Friends of Chipping Hill School, we would love to hear from you.
Please get in touch via the contact page.